The 10-A s of Personal Safety for Women & Kids- Part I

Now, we outline the safety precautions against kidnapping, which can be adopted by a potential victim, especially a kid.
Many will sound so basic and obvious. But you will be surprised to know that they are routinely overlooked, by sheer apathy or pre-occupation. Or worse by being cynical.
Avoid creating a situation which increases your risk exposure.
Prevent easy access.
  • Create as many obstacles between a threat and you; wherever you are.
  • At home it may mean locked windows and doors - which are 2 layered, so that you can see clearly who is outside and what he is carrying, without being accessible to him.
  • If habitually alone, get a good intruder alarm system installed.
  • Have a dog.
  • Even the simple act of locking the car door when travelling is critical. Many crimes started with the criminal just opening the car door and getting in, even before the victim can react.
Don’t behave like a soft target

  • As we see in TV nature programs, the predator always tries to pick the easiest prey. So, appearing as a soft target emboldens the criminal to zoom into you.
  • Remember the criminal is keen to get his job done with minimum fuss. If he feels you are going to resist and prolong the struggle, he will lose interest.
Be Aware of your surroundings
  • If something is out of the routine, your antenna should go up.
    Like if you see a parked car with people inside on a lonely stretch, you better take a detour.
  • I often see youngsters engrossed in their mobile phones while walking. Or listening to their iPods oblivious to the world at large. They can be easily surprised, if targeted.  
  • Always walk facing the oncoming traffic. the chance s of you being surprised from behind are less.
If you feel something is wrong, be prepared to Fight or Flee.
  • Don’t ignore your natural instincts.  If you feel something is wrong in a situation or a person, leave the place without delay.
  • By social conditioning, many victims think it will be appear rude if they leave abruptly or refuse to get involved in a conversation with a stranger.
  • Another major assumption is a criminal will look like a criminal. Actually many serial murderers, rapists or paedophiles look very decent and friendly.

Since I know a reader hates a long reading, i will take up the rest of the As in the next blog.
  • Meanwhile, please give your suggestions and add your inputs by leaving comments below.
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  1. Regarding point 3-Attitude, how can project
    ourself as not a soft target. By our BODY LANGUAGE? Because lookwise,
    we may appear as a very soft person. That will
    definitely invite trouble. Can u please explain?
    Thanks and Regards

  2. Thanks Babu.. I should have elucidated this point more perhaps.
    As you pointed out BODY LANGUAGE is the one.. but what aspects of body language?
    To answer you -

    Whats the first thing you notice when you see somebody from a distance?
    POSTURE! - One can easily make out the confidence level by the angle of the shoulders and head.
    walk purposefully, erect and even if afraid inside put on a swagger. :)

    Whats the prominent indicator of confidence in mid distance?
    EYE CONTACT! - Evasive or docile people dont sustain eye contact.
    Look into the eye for 2 or 3 seconds.
    The corollary advantage is a criminal doesnt want to be remembered.
    Hope it addresses you query..Any way Babu, i am collating material for a series on BODY LANGUAGE.. starting with terrorists' body language. :)

  3. Fantastic SreeRam, many thanks.

  4. One can easily make out the confidence level by the angle of the shoulders and head.walk purposefully, erect and even if afraid inside put on a swagger. thanks for sharing here..Sports Good

  5. Dear Sir, for that i would suggest you go through TERRORIST RECOGNITION HANDBOOK written by MALCOLM, If you might require it give me a message i got that one

    1. Thanks divpearls,
      Seems like an interesting book.
      Do u have a pdf of that book? I will appreciate if you can mail me a pdf.
      Thanks again..very thoughtful of you.


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