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Any martial art is good, if the instructor is NOT bad

In my recent blog I criticized the technique of a guy in Chennai, who claims he is a martial arts teacher . He also wrote a rejoinder, which without mentioning the art by name, criticized every aspect of KravMaga. This guy was also intelligent enough to make his prejudiced bile sound like a dispassionate comparison of martial arts. But ...
... Why is it NOT intelligent to compare different martial arts?
This half-baked guru's comparison of different methods itself is misleading, like comparing apples and oranges, to use a cliché. What he missed to understand was the fact that every method is different, because they evolved in different environments, and for different objectives.When analyzing any particular fighting art one has to look at the anthropological, sociological and sometimes even the political aspects of the environment in which that art evolved. Another major differentiator in a method of fighting is, for what job-profile it is designed for. I will extrapolate this a bit…