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Will you be BRILLIANT or STUPID in a situation?

Moving out of COMFORT ZONE

Most of us with average intelligence, adequate skills can perform consistently at a socially acceptable satisfactory standard. When that comfort zone is yanked away suddenly, confusing chaos and numbing shock slice through our senses into our inner core like a vicious stab of molten metal. We have seen how people react in this crisis situation. Some become blubbering idiots. Some go into comatose shock. Some go in a blinding rage. Only some are calm and objective.So we infer, many are STUPID in a crisis. Only a few can be BRILLIANT under stress.

Performance under STRESS The scenario training with realistic visualization and familiarity building repetitions play a critical role in conditioning body and mind to function in a semi-automated state. This neuro-muscular zone of reaction cannot be achieved in short term. The experienced trainer will not hand hold the trainee but force him to learn by constantly pushing their complacency thresholds, till the technique f…