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I was reading about Anger management. One of the ways suggested to deal with Anger, was getting into channelizing the anger by practicing fighting arts. That set me thinking.
At the outset, let me declare, i am NOT perfect. I have problems at my work place and personal life. I am seeing a pattern in these problems, and I am concerned. This is just a process of analysing the ways to deal with them, along with you.
The defining emotions of our present life-styles seem to be Anger, Depression, Fear and Fatigue. All negative. The reasons for negative emotions are numerous, let’s not waste time in listing them, but move forward to address them.
There are certain situations in one’s life which only time can heal, like the death of somebody close to us. Otherwise most of these day-to-day negative emotions should be dealt with some concrete steps, to stop ourselves from sailing past the ‘point of no return’. So what do i do?!
1) I have to Accept and Acknowledge t…


Every student of karate, judo, taekwondo and similar martial arts always has a doubt whether what he has learnt will actually work during a street fight. Even though they brag and give impressive demonstration of kicks and punches to their friends, deep inside their heart they are doubtful. Why?
1) Their dojo practice is NOT close to reality.
2) They are NOT trained for mental aggressiveness
3) They DO NOT have exposure to abuse and irrational violence, which a guy in the slum has.
4) Their art focuses on ONE TYPE of attack and response - karate and taekwondo is more of kicks and punches, judo is about grappling and throws... and so on.
Traditional martial arts are good, no doubt, but a student is equipped to face reality only after years of dedicated practice. How many actually have the persistance, time and inclination !
This is where KRAV MAGA scores. KRAV MAGA is a system which teaches the student to expect the unexpected and the irrational violence of the bully on the street.


Krav Maga India’s Chennai Chapter - ( updated on 3 Aug 2012)
Thanks for your interest! This is SREERAM, Instructor affiliated to IKMF (International KravMaga Federation), India.  In Chennai, classes have been going on without a break since 2008 - at various locations. Check CLASS DETAILS People of varied profiles practice Krav-Maga, for various benefits -  1) SELF DEFENCE - Many enquires actually happen after an ugly incident like a brawl /  eve-teasing! :) 2) FITNESS - We focus on 4 areas of fitness: ·Cardio-vascular or Stamina ·Strength or rather Power ·Flexibility ·and the most important of all - Mental Fitness
i.e the ability to handle stress, yours as well as others FUN – Many do NOT like to do monotonous activity to get fit. They would like to have a larger goal and more interesting way of getting fit. They also opt for fighting arts. JOB SKILLS – Police, Security, Hotel Bouncers and even Military practice Krav Maga in Chennai. Separate sessions are conducted for them, and mostly at their …