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The 10-A s of Personal Safety for Women & Kids- Part II

In the last post we looked at thefirst 5A-s of Personal safety. In this post, we look at briefly the next 5 As in the The 10A-s of personal Safety 6.ASSERT 7.AGILE 8.ATTENTION 9.ACT 10.ARMED Lets be now elaborate on them - 6. ASSERT Don’t allow a criminal to close the distance The common ploy is to come near you, under a pretext - like asking for directions. Give them clear instructions to be at least 6 feet away and ask whatever they have to.By giving him clear area demarcation, you will know early that his intentions are criminal if he crosses that 'lakshman rekha’Be clear in your communication Subtle hints do not work with men who are drunk or sexually excited. Speak clearly that you dislike what they are doing. Teach this to young girls, because they are also confused, when a known person behaves dirty.7. AGILE Run away as fast as you can Some may wonder, what so novel about this suggestion.Well, the reality is, when in shock many people get rooted into a comatose state.Run towards crowded…