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10 WAYS "SUSTAINABLE FITNESS" IS BETTER FOR YOU - Sustainable Fitness - Part 03

The STARTING LEVEL FITNESS of the individual is taken into account.
This is critical, since the road map to fitness becomes more realistic. Also factor in the body types (refer earlier article for body types)MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES are fixed with phased TIMELINES, factoring in individual idiosyncrasies - like pre-existing issues
Please remember that whatever goes up fast can also come down faster.. So, phase your milestones so that you are running your race but not someone else's .The PHYSICAL EXERCISES are VARIED to impact various fitness parameters - Cardio-vascular, Structural strength, Flexibility, Agility and Balance. This will prevent Physical Stress and Mental Monotony.
Also, prioritize your schedule to customize for your objectives. The key variables are the INTENSITY and the FREQUENCY.INJURY PREVENTION is the guiding principle.
Please remember Injuries can be major setbacks - sometimes for months . I know many who haven't resumed their exercises after an injury, and lost ev…


3 Reasons - Muddled Objective, Peer Pressure and Instructor Apathy. 1.The first and main issue is the folks' "MUDDLED OBJECTIVE" in pursuing their passion. Most start their fitness regimen to lose weight and reduce flab. But this clarity gets muddled once they start seeing the initial positive results. They assume the graph of growth will keep on going upwards perpetually and they shift their gear to over-drive. They get obsessed and start training as if they are preparing for Olympics! 2. The second issue is "PEER PRESSURE". Most folks join a gym or fitness program after hearing raving testimonials from their friends. They immediately jump and get swept off their feet as a neo-convert. Their anxiety is to fill their Facebook timeline with massive deadlifts, running marathons and doing box-jumps, without giving adequate time and effort to condition their body, which had languished in hedonistic abuse for two decades. 3. The third issue is "INSTRUCTOR APATHY&q…

2 Reasons Why People Drop Out of Fitness - Sustainable Fitness Part 01

In the last few years, there is a visible surge in folks taking interest in fitness, which is commendable. But, I see many of them, especially those above 40, unable to sustain their fitness schedule after the initial euphoria.

The two main causes are STRESS-INJURIES sustained in their practice and the BURNOUT at both physical and emotional level.

The injuries and burnout happen due to the unsustainable intensity of workouts and concentration in one nature of exercise activity monotonously, day after day. The tragedy is, some even end up in a worse shape than they started with!

This got me worried, as I had also taken up fitness seriously only when I was 45, twelve years back. After years of analysing and researching on the subject, I understood this unsustainability can be rectified with some simple common-sense implementations.

For convenience sake I call it 'SUSTAINABLE FITNESS', which is the concept of pursuing your passion in a phased manner without setbacks, so that aligns …