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7 Dictums of what NOT to teach in self-defense for WOMEN

WARNING to WOMEN! After the Guwahati molestation and Delhi gang rape, more women are enquiring about self-defense courses. This blog post is to warn those women. They could end up with martial-arts schools which will actually put them in greater danger, when they try to repel a sexual aggressor.
Many martial arts instructors DON'T understand the specific problems of women, like -
1- The average Women is SMALLER than the average Man
2- The Woman will be under extreme FEAR and STRESS during a sexual attack
3- Most Women are PUT OFF by Violence; so, learning to fight does NOT appeal to them
4- Most Women DON'T see themselves as capable of fighting a bigger & aggressive Man
The martial-arts instructor should factor in this reality before making a curriculum for women. But do they?
The emphatic answer is a big "NO"!
Recently I saw a video of a self-promoted martial-arts guru, in Chen…

Bystander Effect - Why public don't assist a victim

Bystander Effect - In the recent Delhi gang rape case, this appalling social habit was glaringly evident. The girl and the boy were thrown out of the bus by the rapists. They were naked and injured, lying on the road in the bone chilling 2* Celcius cold night of Delhi - for more than an hour. Many passing vehicles only slowed down but none stopped. 
2 days back a woman accident victim was lying bleeding during day-time for 45 minutes on Mount Road, Chennai; no body came forward to assist her. She died on the way to the hospital.
More such incidents in this video, convey that callousness is not limited to India. Public apathy is a socio-psychological phenomena all over the world.
Video - The Bystander Effect: Real incidents

Social Psychologists who studied the infamous 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese - said " That contrary to common expectations, larger numbers of bystanders decrease the likelihood that someone will step forward and help a victim. 
The reasons include the fact that - 
1. …