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When Stupidity catches up with Ignorance, its training burnout

I see all these martial artists and fitness geeks going OOOH and AAAHH about PAIN, SWEAT and PUSHING ONE-SELF. 
I will explain why it’s a put-off to anyone whose IQ is above 80, and stays there in spite of a testosterone surge. Do I hear “You are an Oldy. Just shut up and move aside”?! Even gym instructors who spend hours watching YouTube and munching bland boiled eggs think I am crazy to do all this at my age. I have been doing physical things (Weight-lifting, Rowing, Karate, long Bike rides, KravMaga) for 40 years now.
But reducing these passions to a physical level is like declaring your love to a girl with vulgar hip-thrusts, in front of her face. How to “Pace your Passion”
Many days I teach for more than 8 hours. I realised the value of taking it like a marathon runner. Pacing steadily, conserving body and mind, and bringing them together in a focussed burst at the critical moment. That has kept me going for 4 decades now, with body and mind intact, and not rattling with every mo…