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4 Ds of stopping a violent confrontation

The prisons are filled with normal people like you and me. They landed in the prison just because they lost their sanity for a few seconds. Frightening, isn’t it!  When you realise that everything built over a lifetime can be lost in a jiffy.
“Violence starts where civilization ends." KravMaga system takes this dictum into cognizance and advocates physical violence only as last resort, when all civilized options are exhausted.
What are the triggers of Violence? Volatile situations happen every day in bar rooms, board rooms and bed rooms. Wherever there is more than one individual, opinions may differ. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, sometimes these differences escalate to physical violence.
Aggression can be internally present. A small minority do carry their aggression blatantly. They are by nature bullies or brought up in a social/domestic condition where violence is a pre-requisite for daily survival.
Aggression can be externally instigated. But for the majority, the suicida…