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Applying KravMaga principles to living - Visualization

The effects of Visualization can be dramatic on the Mind as well as the Body. After I recently implemented Visualization as part of my KravMaga classes, the improvement in my trainees is amazing.
This is a discussion on benefits and techniques of Visualizing in KravMaga training ; and then carrying those techniques to other areas of life.
It’s a learning process and I welcome inputs from you all.

How Visualization benefited my KravMaga trainees I have already outlined what happens to the body and mind in a state of shock.  So, when I teach self defence techniques there was always a niggling worry whether my trainees will be able to respond without delay to a sudden un-predictable assault.

I felt the answer was to turn the problem into the solution; the provocation which freezes our mind should be converted as the mental cue for action.

So once the trainee was familiar with the technique, I asked them to close their eyes and visualize the most obnoxious, frightening personality attacking t…