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7 Criteria to plan your diet

Since I am an Instructor and my hair is grey, most assume I am wise and ask my advice on many subjects, even outside the ambit of KravMaga - It can range from career-choices, love life, ideal side-dish for brandy and so on. Since I am accommodative and like to hear my own voice, I squeeze my grey cells and spout wisdom unabashedly!
Of late, after I lost lots of weight, many students ask about dieting. Since they come in all shapes and sizes it is obvious that a standardized diet plan wont fit everyone. So what is the criteria when deciding a diet plan?

Criteria 1 - What is your objective? 
Is it weight loss, weight gain, cosmetic body sculpting, build power, preparing for a competition? Be specific of your primary desire.
Criteria 2 - What is your current status?
Are you extremely obese, just over-weight, under-weight and so on? This is to indicate the time and effort needed to close the gap between your present and ideal.

Criteria 3 - Do you have any identified or suspected medical iss…

"I cant imagine me hitting anyone"

Yesterday a new lady student said " Till recently I couldn't imagine me hitting anyone. It took lots of incidents to push me to a decision and come to the KravMaga class."

I have heard this "I cant imagine me hitting anyone" before in corporate workshops for women and once even from an ace shuttle champ who was a tall and strong woman. I was surprised that someone so athletic and a role model for other women is allergic to physical violence.
For that matter, I have also across many men who abhor physical violence in spite of being quite aggressive in other spheres of life.

The common reasons given by them are like -
"From childhood, I was taught not to physically harm others."" Physical violence is a crude way to address a problem- resorted by only those who dont have the brains to solve it.""Violence is not a civilized way" 
While we at KravMaga TamilNadu applaud this pacifistic outlook and acknowledge that world will
be a better …