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Stress & Anger Management- KravMaga Fitness 1

Why KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Stress Management! KravMaga is pure street self-defence. It’s all about Kicking groins and Punching noses, right? Hmmm... No. Since street crimes are sudden and shocking, KravMaga training has to factor in the element of extreme mental stress, which freezes all mental and physical processes.

In contrast, there is also a gradual, eroding Stress caused by worry, anxiety, frustration, fear and similar negative emotions.
When these emotions prevail continuously unabated for some time, the Stress will affect the person’s Fitness. 
I have seen healthy, brawny trainees become gradually silent, insulated and physically weak due to personal or financial issues.

So, as a KravMaga instructor I study both Sudden Stress and Sustained Stress.
Why KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Anger Management!

Most people under Stress become Angry; and do something stupid ... something which is extremely and irrevocably violent! As a KravMaga Instructor who teaches self-defence,…