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Stress-ManagementWhy KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Stress Management!
KravMaga is pure street self-defence. It’s all about Kicking groins and Punching noses, right?
Hmmm... No.
Since street crimes are sudden and shocking, KravMaga training has to factor in the element of extreme mental stress, which freezes all mental and physical processes.

In contrast, there is also a gradual, eroding Stress caused by worry,
anxiety, frustration, fear and similar negative emotions.
When these emotions prevail continuously unabated for some time, the Stress will affect the person’s Fitness. 

I have seen healthy, brawny trainees become gradually silent, insulated and physically weak due to personal or financial issues.

So, as a KravMaga instructor I study both Sudden Stress and Sustained Stress.

Why KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Anger Management!

Most people under Stress become Angry; and do something stupid ... something which is extremely and irrevocably violent!
As a KravMaga Instructor who teaches self-defence, I owe a responsibility to trainees who give me their Time, Money and Loyalty. 
This responsibility includes, cautioning my students from getting uncontrollably angry... if they do so, they have to face the consequences of either getting hurt or pay the penalty for hurting somebody.

The effects of Stress and Anger

In today’s society Stress and Anger cannot be eliminated. They can only be managed.
As I often tell my trainees “Stress and Anger are like Masala (Spices), which If used judiciously in small quantity while cooking, the food acquires a tang and sharpness. If Masala is excessively used while cooking, the food ends up unpalatable or can create acidity which corrodes the tummy.”

Mental & Physical manifestations

Thermal imaging of emotions
( Image courtesy of Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen)

Sustained negative emotions can cause mental and physical ailments.

Mental issues could be Sleeplessness, Depression, Suicidal tendency, addictions or Burn out, where one loses interest in any activity or interaction.

Physically, sustained emotions like stress and anger can trigger ulcers and headache. It can aggravate already present medical conditions like Blood pressure, cardio-vascular condition, Migraine and Wheezing.

So the trick is to manage Stress and Anger...
  • to enhance physical fitness
  • to quieten emotional upheavals
  • to stabilize mood vacillations
  • and gain overall mental and physical toughness.

SreeRam is a KravMaga self-defence instructor at Chennai, TamilNadu, South India. 
He teaches Civilians, Police and Security.
SreeRam has started W.A.H.R (Women against harassment & Rape)an NGO devoted to increase personal safety awareness amongst women and equip them to handle sexual harassment at public and work places.
SreeRam conducts KravMaga personal safety and self-defense workshops at corporates, social organizations, NGOs etc.
On 8th March 2012 ( International Women's Day) KravMaga SreeRam released a small handy booklet for women titled " 10A-s of Personal Safety for Women" 
Mobile - 0-934 000 66 00 , Email - 
Chennai Site -
FACEBOOK - Krav Maga TamilNadu

TWEET - @kravMagaSreeRam


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