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"Don't f$#@*%g glorify violence". - 3 reasons why

This is what I clarify upfront to those who step into my Chennai KravMaga self-defence class.

1. Violence is NOT an intelligent solution to your problems.
In fact in most of the occasions violence worsens the problem more vehemently, beyond repair. So always start addressing issues with civilized, polite tactics.
As someone observed "Most of the issues in this world is not due to the content of the argument, but more due to the tone of the argument."  

2. World respects the Brain, while it only fears the Brawn
As MGR advised the masses in one of Tamil movie song " Stop sharpening the Knife. Start sharpening your Mind." 
Too much of quality time spent on physical pursuits is a sign of misplaced priorities. Unless your profession depends on physical attributes don't spend more than 3 hours a week on physical past-times. Focus on the attributes which will make you a better professional or spend fun time with folks.

3. Violence is a double edged sword. It can cut bot…