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4 questions to evaluate a street self-defence technique

"Sir, I know how to get out of Nelson Hold. My uncle who knows judo taught me"
"Master, in Systema there is another way of releasing the shirt hold"
I often see my trainees come up with variations which they have seen in a movie, youtube or done by a friend. Instead of being cynical about it, which will dampen their enthusiasm, I analyse the pros and cons of that particular technique.
"This release of Nelson will be tough, since your neck will be hyper-extended"
"You are using both hands for this shirt hold release, so you are open to the opponents other hand"

Sometimes, I also go further to teach them how to evaluate a technique.I will share those evaluation parameters with you now.
Before getting into the evaluation of technique let me clarify , at the cost of repeating myself, what differentiates KravMaga; because, I will be evaluating a technique only from the 'street reality' perspective

Basic Differentiators of KravMaga KravMaga is NOT …