4 questions to evaluate a street self-defence technique

"Sir, I know how to get out of Nelson Hold. My uncle who knows judo taught me"
"Master, in Systema there is another way of releasing the shirt hold"
I often see my trainees come up with variations which they have seen in a movie, youtube or done by a friend. Instead of being cynical about it, which will dampen their enthusiasm, I analyse the pros and cons of that particular technique.
"This release of Nelson will be tough, since your neck will be hyper-extended"
"You are using both hands for this shirt hold release, so you are open to the opponents other hand"

Sometimes, I also go further to teach them how to evaluate a technique.I will share those evaluation parameters with you now.
Before getting into the evaluation of technique let me clarify , at the cost of repeating myself, what differentiates KravMaga; because, I will be evaluating a technique only from the 'street reality' perspective

Basic Differentiators of KravMaga
KravMaga is NOT an ART.
Art has form, aesthetics, grammar and predictability. Martial arts are great for elevation of body and mind.
In contrast, KravMaga focuses on 'solving the problem asap with whatever is the most effective response". The 'response' can range from just saying "Sorry!" or blocking with a chair, kicking the balls.
Madurai murder attempt - Video link
KravMaga is NOT a SPORT.
In Sports, the opponent, the date, time, venue are already known. There is only ONE opponent and there is a referee to enforce the rules. In short, Sports is only a contest of skills in a controlled environment.
In contrast, KravMaga focuses on 'street reality' where things go ugly in a few seconds, even before the defendant comprehends what's happening.

Having reiterated that, now lets see how to evaluate a technique one sees in youtube or done by a friend from another fighting system.

Question 1 -
Will the technique work, if there are more than one opponent?
Mom's kick !! (Click for video)
Grappling is fine only if there is one opponent. A winning clinch in competition can become a stupid liability on the street. See this street fight where a guy who is in total control of the opponent, gets knocked out cold by his opponent's mom.
Moral of the story: A technique which demands prolonged engagement with the opponent is a big NO NO in street self-defence. Since the defendent is also locked and unprepared to tackle another opponent.

Question 2 -
Is the technique so complicated that it requires years of rigorous practice?
There are lots of traditional martial arts which are really good, like our own Kalari and Varmam. In China one hears of acupressure used in Kungfu. But my question is, how much time, resources you got to learn and acquire reasonable skills in these arts? 
Where and how do you find qualified gurus in these esoteric arts!
NOKU VARMAM - Fighting by just staring (CLICK for Video)
Even if you succeed to find a great master, its very unlikely he will teach you. The learned gurus in ancient arts are very choosy whom they give their knowledge to. They judge their progeny for years, before sharing their sophisticated knowledge.

Question 3 -
Is the technique based solely on superior strength / fitness / speed / some special skill ?
That means, if the opponent is bigger / fitter / faster you are a loser. That means a young girl of 60 kgs body weight can't escape from a molestor weighing 90 kgs.
I am not belitlling the benefits of Strength, Fitness or Speed. If one has it, its good. Its a bonus.
But the technique should be based upon elements of human anatomy, physics of kinetic energy.
Remember, self- defence is for common people, with average fitness. Not for elite athletes.
Can you do this?!! (World record kick video link click)
Taking Groin kick with Combat KI !! (Click for Video)
Question 4 -
Is it possible to apply the technique under extreme shock and stress?
Most of the techniques work in the dojo, because one knows what the opponent is going to do. The element of shock or unpredictable anger is absent in the dojo.
Similarly, in the sports ring, both the fighters are mentally and physically prepared for the fight. There is only one opponent and his techniques has been thoroughly studied and analysed before the bout. Again the element of shock and unpredictability is absent.
In real life, shit hits the fan even before one can say WTF!In extreme shock mind and body refuse to obey. Layered complex learned behaviour, like the fancy moves one was able to smoothly execute in the dojo or ring just evaporate. See what is real street violence!!

Meerut Jeweller murder ( Click for video link)
Hyderabad road murder (Click for Video link)

Now, think before choosing the fighting system , for the sake of YOUR LIFE !!
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