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The 10-A s of Personal Safety for Women & Kids- Part I

Earlier , we analysed what precautions against kidnapping a School and Parent can take. Now, we outline the safety precautions against kidnapping, which can be adopted by a potential victim, especially a kid.
Many will sound so basic and obvious. But you will be surprised to know that they are routinely overlooked, by sheer apathy or pre-occupation. Or worse by being cynical. 1. AVOID
Avoid creating a situation which increases your risk exposure. The risk may be due to the Place, the Time or the Persons around.The risk is multiplied when these elements come together. Like lonely road, late night and a suspicious character coming towards you.  Read about the AOI triangle which is an easy formula for understanding risk. 2. ACCESS
Prevent easy access.
Create as many obstacles between a threat and you; wherever you are.At home it may mean locked windows and doors - which are 2 layered, so that you can see clearly who is outside and what he is carrying, without being accessible to him.If habit…

Safety procedures to prevent kidnapping - For Schools & Parents

Kidnap - nap (to seize) kid ( a child) The child kidnapping crime has been around for time immemorial, for varied motives – Anger & frustration, Money, Political or Sex. After the recent spate of kidnappings in TamilNadu, the police have announced certain guidelines - for Parents, School authorities and the Kids themselves. Very sane advice, no doubt. To understand the issue at hand, we analyze it a bit more.
Kidnapping has some unique characteristics - Mostly the victim is the softest target of all - ChildrenKidnapping is generally NOT a crime committed in sudden burst of anger or impulse, because it needs elaborate planning of logistics.That pre-supposes that the criminal should be reasonably familiar with the victim's universe.In the case of kidnap for sexual assault, it’s different. The victim may be chosen on parameters like vulnerability and circumstances.In kidnap crimes, the police are at a disadvantage, since the victim's family is generally reluctant to co-operate.T…