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6 Signs of a Stupid Street Fighter

Recently, in Brazil, UFC Featherweight champs Maiqul Falcao and his training partner Kaue Mena was beaten up by a gang outside a gas station. Kaue Mena is now in critical condition at a hospital. The video clearly shows Falcao hitting a girl unprovoked, which brings to the scene a gang of local youth. The gang vastly outnumbers these 2 UFC fighters and they proceed to make mincemeat of the fighters, with rods and merciless kicks to the head.
So these heroes of the ring become pathetic zeroes on the street.
What's the net take?
What are the signs that differentiate a victim of his own Ego, Ignorance and Stupidity?
What makes a guy a stupid street fighter?

1) Tendency to initiate brawls
Some people have a negative cloud hovering over their heads always. They keep on goading others by being rude, provoking and abusive. They get away with it when they are in dominant positions, inside their home or office cabin. But once outside the safety of their domains, they invite trouble, like f…