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How is KravMaga different from traditional martial arts?
KravMaga is a ‘horizontal system’ which combines elements of various fighting systems. One will find –
o   Kicking & Punching  elements of Boxing, Karate & Muay Thai
o   Ground fighting & Grappling like Judo & BJJ
o   Holds & Takedowns like Aikido
o   Defence against Knife attacks like in Kali
o   And also defence against stick attacks, fire-arm threats
We can say KravMaga is a MMA (Mixed Martial System)

KravMaga is NOT a martial art. It’s NOT a Sport. 
KravMaga is a combat system for street survival

Why do you say KravMaga is NOT a martial art?
There are some major differences in the approach to Self-defence by KravMaga
o   There are NO choreographed movements like katas.
Intricate and contrived movements fail during an un-predictable street situation.  KravMaga is based on natural reflex and fast direct attacks using gross motor skills. NO Cosmetics.
o   Kravists DON’T practice with outdated  weapons –like Swords, Spea…