3 Reasons - Muddled Objective, Peer Pressure and Instructor Apathy. 1.The first and main issue is the folks' "MUDDLED OBJECTIVE" in pursuing their passion. Most start their fitness regimen to lose weight and reduce flab. But this clarity gets muddled once they start seeing the initial positive results. They assume the graph of growth will keep on going upwards perpetually and they shift their gear to over-drive. They get obsessed and start training as if they are preparing for Olympics! 2. The second issue is "PEER PRESSURE". Most folks join a gym or fitness program after hearing raving testimonials from their friends. They immediately jump and get swept off their feet as a neo-convert. Their anxiety is to fill their Facebook timeline with massive deadlifts, running marathons and doing box-jumps, without giving adequate time and effort to condition their body, which had languished in hedonistic abuse for two decades. 3. The third issue is "INSTRUCTOR APATHY&q…

2 Reasons Why People Drop Out of Fitness - Sustainable Fitness Part 01

In the last few years, there is a visible surge in folks taking interest in fitness, which is commendable. But, I see many of them, especially those above 40, unable to sustain their fitness schedule after the initial euphoria.

The two main causes are STRESS-INJURIES sustained in their practice and the BURNOUT at both physical and emotional level.

The injuries and burnout happen due to the unsustainable intensity of workouts and concentration in one nature of exercise activity monotonously, day after day. The tragedy is, some even end up in a worse shape than they started with!

This got me worried, as I had also taken up fitness seriously only when I was 45, twelve years back. After years of analysing and researching on the subject, I understood this unsustainability can be rectified with some simple common-sense implementations.

For convenience sake I call it 'SUSTAINABLE FITNESS', which is the concept of pursuing your passion in a phased manner without setbacks, so that aligns …

7 Criteria to plan your diet

Since I am an Instructor and my hair is grey, most assume I am wise and ask my advice on many subjects, even outside the ambit of KravMaga - It can range from career-choices, love life, ideal side-dish for brandy and so on. Since I am accommodative and like to hear my own voice, I squeeze my grey cells and spout wisdom unabashedly!
Of late, after I lost lots of weight, many students ask about dieting. Since they come in all shapes and sizes it is obvious that a standardized diet plan wont fit everyone. So what is the criteria when deciding a diet plan?

Criteria 1 - What is your objective? 
Is it weight loss, weight gain, cosmetic body sculpting, build power, preparing for a competition? Be specific of your primary desire.
Criteria 2 - What is your current status?
Are you extremely obese, just over-weight, under-weight and so on? This is to indicate the time and effort needed to close the gap between your present and ideal.

Criteria 3 - Do you have any identified or suspected medical iss…

"I cant imagine me hitting anyone"

Yesterday a new lady student said " Till recently I couldn't imagine me hitting anyone. It took lots of incidents to push me to a decision and come to the KravMaga class."

I have heard this "I cant imagine me hitting anyone" before in corporate workshops for women and once even from an ace shuttle champ who was a tall and strong woman. I was surprised that someone so athletic and a role model for other women is allergic to physical violence.
For that matter, I have also across many men who abhor physical violence in spite of being quite aggressive in other spheres of life.

The common reasons given by them are like -
"From childhood, I was taught not to physically harm others."" Physical violence is a crude way to address a problem- resorted by only those who dont have the brains to solve it.""Violence is not a civilized way" 
While we at KravMaga TamilNadu applaud this pacifistic outlook and acknowledge that world will
be a better …

10 signs that you are a victim of your Fitness goals

In case you see 2 or more of these symptoms in yourself, you are victim of fitness!       1.Relentless pursuit of looking good       2.Training like a professional champion       3.Following every fitness fad       4.Believing all that you read, hear or see       5.Impractical & unsustainable diet       6.You believe ‘More Pain is More Gain’       7.You  want to reverse the clock       8.You are a boring mono-maniac       9.You prefer gym than time with spouse, kids and friends      10.You judge others by their appearance 
...................... 10 Signs in detail ……………………………………     1.Relentless pursuit of looking good a.You can’t pass a mirror without stopping to check yourself in 180* if you are a man or 360* if you are a woman. b.You think film stars, beauty pageant participants, body builders are the ideal human specimens and anything less is sub-human c.You actually believe six-pack or size zero is sustainable d.Last year you posted 436 selfies on fb. The fact that 436 friends un-followed …

Policing and social media sousveillance

In contrast to Surveillance, which means ‘looking from above’, Sousveillance is ‘looking from below’ implying common man keeping a watch on authority figures.
Recently a WhatsApp video got a Tirunelveli police SI suspended. The video, probably shot by a concealed mobile, showed the SI harassing a couple for a Rs.1000 bribe. 

In Facebook there are many pages like the popular ‘Keep calm and film the police’  which the public post mobile videos of police intimidation, harassment and excess force. In the last month itself there were 3 videos of shooting fatalities, which got the involved police-men punished.

YouTube has thousands of videos on police bullying. One can also come across a few videos appreciating police, if one searches really hard! :)

Traffic cop - 25 years without a complaint against him
Social media is double edged weapon. 
Positive side of public vigilance On the positive side, social media forces more accountability and t…

10 steps to introduce street fighting for a new trainee

Having taught KravMaga for many years and especially short-term courses to police and prison guards, who are constantly exposed to violent confrontations, I have arrived at a simple methodology of 10 steps, based on KravMaga principles. 

The dominant elements of this methodology is 'Survival' and "Safety' more than 'Fighting'.

Step 1 - Safety in training
Step 2 - How to defend using hands & legs
Step 3 - How to strike using legs / hands
Step 4 - How to combine defence and Strikes
Step 5 - How to move in different directions without falling
Step 6 - Practice Sparring in predictable environment
Step 7 - Introduce reaction to unpredictable attacks
Step 8 - Train for reality - react from uncomfortable positions 
Step 9 - Introduce basics of multiple attackers
Step 10 - How to de-escalate a confrontation

This is the First level of basic self-defence - unarmed combat.
If you notice the learning curve moves to
giving skills >>