How to predict you are going to be attacked? Article 1 on “Criminal Behaviour”

You know some kicks and punches. You also know the basic defences. You are reasonably intelligent to judge people. So you assume this combination should carry you safely through life.
You assume wrong!
You can become a victim if you are NOT prepared. You would have heard this so many times before “Things happened so fast that I was taken by surprise.”
One of the critical keys to safety is to predict violence. The experts in violence like police, criminals have outlined certain Elements to combine for a violent attack to happen.
Do you remember the Triangle of Elements for a Fire to happen – Heat, Fuel & Air. Even if one of these elements is taken out, the Fire stops.
Similarly there is a Triangle of Elements of Violent attack.The three elements are – ABILITY, OPPORTUNITY & INTENT.To remember this easily lets call it AOI
ABILITY – The attacker should feel he has a superior ability than you. It may be strength, more people on his side or he is in his locality where you are a stranger.
OPPORTUNITY – Are the conditions ideal to commit a crime, i.e. he will not be disturbed.Ideal scenarios for an attacker are - Woman alone at home, deserted road, darkness where identity can be concealed, many places to hide and even a crowd in which he can disappear.
INTENT – Is there anger, desperate need or mental instability? Indications are previous enmity, poverty or alcohol/drug usage.
If these three elements of AOI combine, your antenna should be up and ready. You should immediately try to remove at least one element. That should prevent you being at the receiving end.
I have just started this discussion and given you some basic introduction. We will be analysing more on Criminal behaviour in the coming weeks.
Please do post your comments – You can encourage me or argue with me.


  1. this makes sense.. but how do you remove one of the three? and how do you reason with someone or a group of ppl who are under the influence of alcohol and then behaving violently

  2. Remove the OPPORTUNITY to attack you, by making it difficult to access you. Generally drunk guys cannot follow sudden change in direction and range. They get confused.
    What is the ABILITY of a drunkard. Mostly it is in their minds. They get fixed on one topic and ignore their personal safety. That makes them think they are invincible. Actually they are more vulnerable .

  3. "If you teach others to how use force you have an obligation to teach them when force is justified."
    So, I add this additional observation, on what I wrote 4 years back -
    Preclusion generally means if you don’t have to be there get out of there. Before you use force you have to show that you attempted to leave (remove opportunity). If the threat prevents you from leaving it helps make your case that the use of force was justified.
    The castle doctrine recognizes that someone does not have to leave their own house and has a right to stand their ground and defend themselves there. So preclusion does not apply if you are in your property.
    The use of force ends when the threat is no longer immediate. The ability and / or the opportunity no longer exist.
    You also have an obligation to render aid. You don’t have to start 1st aid yourself but you at least have to call the authorities so that help can be sent.
    Knowledge of laws will not cause you to freeze under pressure any more than knowledge of traffic laws will cause you to freeze when you suddenly need to change lanes in traffic.
    Make sure you know you local laws.
    If you teach others to how use force you have an obligation to teach them when force is justified.
    Train hard, Train smart, Be safe


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