Remember these critical points in a street fight -
* Keep moving and don't present a stationary target.
* Don't be in the comfort zone of the attacker/s - keep changing Range, Direction.
* Don't assume there is only one aggressor. Always assume he has got assistance. So scanning your blind side is very critical.
* Since you are assuming your attacker is going to get assistance from friends, you always try to keep the confrontation as short as possible; which prepares you for the next assault.
* For your life's sake don't try fancy stuff - especially intricate locks and high kicks. They are for movies.
* Don't get trapped in the middle of a group.. keep pushing to the periphery of group
* Keep you senses and eyes open for exit routes
* Don't panic.. Even if you don't feel brave, Fake aggression
* If you fall down, try to get up fast.
* If you are down in the midst of a gang, cover your head with arms and just roll up like a snail covering vital organs.
* And use whatever object comes within your reach - chairs, bottles, stones, pen

There is a good representation of this street smartness in this video -


  1. Is there a krav maga training in bangalore?

  2. Venky, sorry for the delayed. The message landed in gmail promotions box.
    Pls look into -


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