HOW CRIMINALS POSITION FOR ATTACK - Article 3 on Criminal Behaviour

KRAV MAGA - We believe the most powerful self defence weapon you possess is your thinking. So continuing our analysis of criminal behaviour of last 2 weeks, let’s know POSITIONING.

Before your imagination runs riot, let me elaborate POSITIONING. This is how criminals place themselves, to surprise and overwhelm you. What apparently is a casual, innocent movement by a person may in reality be a well planned manoeuvre to get into an advantageous position, to launch his attack.


CLOSING - the most common positioning tactic. The criminal tries to come near you, under some pretext. If a stranger tries to come closer than 6 feet, give a clear disapproval by voice or action. In spite of your obvious discomfort he keeps closing, the criminal has made his intentions clear.

CORNERING / TRAPPING – The criminal places himself between you and a possible exit route. This tactic becomes more critical, when he restricts your retreat, by forcing you to backup against a wall or a vehicle.

PINCER – As I often emphasis in Krav Maga class, criminals don’t operate alone. They try to ensure success by enjoying numerical superiority.
You should get alert, when you see a pair, approaching you, splits up in a manner to place you in the middle. In short, any positioning which forces you to pass a pair or group in close proximity is a clear indication of trouble.
Another variation of PINCER - One criminal will distract you while the other launches the attack from behind you.
More elaborate manoeuvre is a guy walks behind you casually; in a predetermined place, his colleague waits to close in from front.

SURROUNDING – This is a gang tactic. Your antenna should go up when you see apparently unconnected guys standing spaced out along a passage way. They are just waiting to close the trap from both ends, once you are in the middle.

If these positioning happens in a FRINGE AREA it becomes a loud and clear signal of imminent attack.

This is NOT the end of my series on Criminal behaviour. Let me warn you, there is more to come.


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