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10 steps to introduce street fighting for a new trainee

Having taught KravMaga for many years and especially short-term courses to police and prison guards, who are constantly exposed to violent confrontations, I have arrived at a simple methodology of 10 steps, based on KravMaga principles. 

The dominant elements of this methodology is 'Survival' and "Safety' more than 'Fighting'.

Step 1 - Safety in training
Step 2 - How to defend using hands & legs
Step 3 - How to strike using legs / hands
Step 4 - How to combine defence and Strikes
Step 5 - How to move in different directions without falling
Step 6 - Practice Sparring in predictable environment
Step 7 - Introduce reaction to unpredictable attacks
Step 8 - Train for reality - react from uncomfortable positions 
Step 9 - Introduce basics of multiple attackers
Step 10 - How to de-escalate a confrontation

This is the First level of basic self-defence - unarmed combat.
If you notice the learning curve moves to
giving skills >>

When Stupidity catches up with Ignorance, its training burnout

I see all these martial artists and fitness geeks going OOOH and AAAHH about PAIN, SWEAT and PUSHING ONE-SELF. 
I will explain why it’s a put-off to anyone whose IQ is above 80, and stays there in spite of a testosterone surge. Do I hear “You are an Oldy. Just shut up and move aside”?! Even gym instructors who spend hours watching YouTube and munching bland boiled eggs think I am crazy to do all this at my age. I have been doing physical things (Weight-lifting, Rowing, Karate, long Bike rides, KravMaga) for 40 years now.
But reducing these passions to a physical level is like declaring your love to a girl with vulgar hip-thrusts, in front of her face. How to “Pace your Passion”
Many days I teach for more than 8 hours. I realised the value of taking it like a marathon runner. Pacing steadily, conserving body and mind, and bringing them together in a focussed burst at the critical moment. That has kept me going for 4 decades now, with body and mind intact, and not rattling with every mo…

4 questions to evaluate a street self-defence technique

"Sir, I know how to get out of Nelson Hold. My uncle who knows judo taught me"
"Master, in Systema there is another way of releasing the shirt hold"
I often see my trainees come up with variations which they have seen in a movie, youtube or done by a friend. Instead of being cynical about it, which will dampen their enthusiasm, I analyse the pros and cons of that particular technique.
"This release of Nelson will be tough, since your neck will be hyper-extended"
"You are using both hands for this shirt hold release, so you are open to the opponents other hand"

Sometimes, I also go further to teach them how to evaluate a technique.I will share those evaluation parameters with you now.
Before getting into the evaluation of technique let me clarify , at the cost of repeating myself, what differentiates KravMaga; because, I will be evaluating a technique only from the 'street reality' perspective

Basic Differentiators of KravMaga KravMaga is NOT …

TCS staff's murder - Why it is too simplistic to blame IT/ITES companies!?

Uma Maheswari’s murder in Siruseri IT Park, Chennai has provoked lots of opinions in the media. The public take a vicarious pleasure in gleefully pointing a finger at the IT/BPO sector, “These IT companies don’t bother about their employees’ safety. They just want to make money.”
My question to these people is simple. Atleast 5 to 6 lakh people are working in IT/ITES sector in Chennai and suburbs. Chennai population is 46 million with another 15 million working and residing in Chennai.. So we can say around 10% of Chennai population is working in IT related companies.
The murder statistics point out that around 200 homicides happen in Chennai annually.  So how can one expect that such a big chunk of population, of which 30% are women, be insulated from crime?! Even by a simple back-of-the-envelope-calculation 2 lakh women are employed in IT/ITES sector. How can one expect that there cannot be an aberration?  If murders of IT women are happening in a pattern, there is some substance in b…

Stress & Anger Management- KravMaga Fitness 1

Why KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Stress Management! KravMaga is pure street self-defence. It’s all about Kicking groins and Punching noses, right? Hmmm... No. Since street crimes are sudden and shocking, KravMaga training has to factor in the element of extreme mental stress, which freezes all mental and physical processes.

In contrast, there is also a gradual, eroding Stress caused by worry, anxiety, frustration, fear and similar negative emotions.
When these emotions prevail continuously unabated for some time, the Stress will affect the person’s Fitness. 
I have seen healthy, brawny trainees become gradually silent, insulated and physically weak due to personal or financial issues.

So, as a KravMaga instructor I study both Sudden Stress and Sustained Stress.
Why KravMaga TamilNadu is talking about Anger Management!

Most people under Stress become Angry; and do something stupid ... something which is extremely and irrevocably violent! As a KravMaga Instructor who teaches self-defence,…