Why I practice Violence as a vocation


Warning - This analysis may NOT be very crisp like my other posts. But still I will highlight the key definitions in bold, so that you can have at least a net-take if you don’t have the time.

Imi Lichtenfeld
In Part I we started looking at issues which had to be understood before one takes up training in fighting arts. 
Having stated that violence is mostly NOT an intelligent solution to confrontations, lets now try and answer 
"Then why should one learn fighting, especially the most violent system of KravMaga!?"
The answer is simple.
"So that the good can do their work"
This is the base line of KravMaga, attributed to Imi Lichtenfeld  who is considered as the founder of the combat system. This line captures the essence of KravMaga.

Chennai Police learn KravMaga
Why I practice Violence as a vocation
Once while talking to my friend, who was living in London, she asked me "Why of all things you practice violence, like a thug? You are supposed to be cerebral guy, being a Communications Consultant?!"
She was a dance teacher and used to drive alone to Oxford to conduct classes and return late night. So I asked her “Aren’t you afraid to drive up and down alone on a highway, during late hours?" She replied “There is an efficient police system to take care of public and in any emergency I can call up the highway patrol car. So I need not be afraid." I asked her, " So you rely on the police to protect you from anti-socials and criminals. You believe the police have the skills and tactics to handle violent criminals. Don't you?" She said "Of course. The police is supposed to have the where-with-all to fight criminals."
My final reply was, "Well, we as KravMaga instructors are the people who provide the police with those skills, which protect you along the way." After this she never questioned me again on why I practice violence as a vocation!

Bal Thackeray of Mumbai
If the Good don't assert, they have to be resigned to be dominated by the Bad
When we want to choose a candidate from the politicians who contest elections, we are frustrated. We know all the main contenders are criminals, who effectively have side-lined any contestant who possesses social values.
This is what happens in society as a whole. The powerful and aggressive bulldoze their way to prominence and wealth, smothering anybody who dares to resist them.
The Good suffer in silent, impotent anger unable to stand up against this tide of brutal onslaught of muscle and money.
Instead of accepting this status-quo, the Good should learn to assert themselves. It's easier said than done. The process of individually and collectively building strength and confidence to confront the Bad has to be initiated. Positive changes will happen gradually.

Superior tactice makes one cool! Thats KravMaga!
What is the point of having great moral values, if one doesn't have the physical courage to practice them!
That’s where training in fighting arts come handy.
But, unfortunately most decent people view training in martial arts as not fit for matured, civilized citizens. Physical violence is a put-off after the youthful hormones cool down. My argument is, "Don't view systems like KravMaga as just practice of physical violence. By constant learning to face anger, one gets the confidence not to buckle down against unreasonable aggression."
This confidence makes one stress free and objectively cool in a crisis. I have personally been benefited by this calm, at work-place and even at home.

There are more physically tangible benefits too. I will speak about them in my next post.
SreeRam is a KravMaga self-defence instructor at Chennai, South India. He teaches Civilians, Chennai City Police and Security.
SreeRam has started W.A.H.R (Women against harassment & Rape)an NGO devoted to increase personal safety awareness amongst women and equip them to handle sexual harassment at public and work places.
SreeRam conducts KravMaga personal safety and self-defense workshops at corporates, especially IT/BPO companies where many women work late. He has also conducted workshops, for rural women.
On 8th March 2012 ( International Women's Day) KravMaga SreeRam released a small handy booklet for women titled " 10A-s of Personal Safety for Women"
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    1. Thanks Arumugam
      You will find relevant details in -
      Chennai Site - https://sites.google.com/site/kravmagachennai/

      Call me up on 9340006600 in case you require more clarity..If i am in class and unable to pick your call leave a message. I will call back
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