Applying KravMaga principles to living - Visualization

The effects of Visualization can be dramatic on the Mind as well as the Body. After I recently implemented Visualization as part of my KravMaga classes, the improvement in my trainees is amazing.
This is a discussion on benefits and techniques of Visualizing in KravMaga training ; and then carrying those techniques to other areas of life.
It’s a learning process and I welcome inputs from you all.

How Visualization benefited my KravMaga trainees
I have already outlined what happens to the body and mind in a state of shock.  So, when I teach self defence techniques there was always a niggling worry whether my trainees will be able to respond without delay to a sudden un-predictable assault.

I felt the answer was to turn the problem into the solution; the provocation which freezes our mind should be converted as the mental cue for action.

So once the trainee was familiar with the technique, I asked them to close their eyes and visualize the most obnoxious, frightening personality attacking them. Now they have to visualize themselves responding with the technique they practiced.

After they visualized in their mind a minimum of 5 times I asked them to practice with a partner. It was amazing to see the fluidity with which the trainee was able to apply the technique - WITHOUT BLINKING IN HESITATION, EVEN AGAINST UNPREDICTABLE ATTACKS.

How to visualize effectively
  • Visualize after trying out the movement physically a few times. Once you body is familiar with the mechanics, the mind can visualize with better clarity.
  • Stand or sit still if in class or lie down if at home, close your eyes, relax with regulated breathing and then visualise the technique.
  • Visualize applying the technique on an aggressor.. NOT in the air
  • Visualise in first person.. i.e.. Like in a video game, you see and do all actions from your point-of-view
  • Make the visualization as real as possible, with facial expressions, background noise, effects etc.
  • Start slow, dividing the technique in parts. Let the tempo increase naturally.
  • Complete the entire action sequence in visualizing, up to run/neutralize/control - to whatever end you feel is realistic and relevant
Visualization as a tool for Success
While visualising a technique, It seems the brain's neural network works the same way as it works when the body does the same technique physically.
The more I thought about it, realization dawned that "Visualization" is a powerful tool to gain dominance in whatever field you choose to become a Success.
Most of the successful people do NOT feel inadequate in front of their goal, they actually believe it’s only a matter of time and as a natural result of their inputs and not a "far-fetched miracle"
In contrast, the majority of us are working always "towards" a goal - slogging away trying to get closer to our fortune and fame. 

Now, take a step back from this grind. Stop for a few minutes every day, preferably in the morning quiet.
Visualise successfully doing whatever it takes to be at your Goal. You complete the action and visualize savouring your achievement.

Is Visualizing just scientific day-dreaming
In day dreaming one fantasizes ONLY about the benefits of Success. There is no thinking about the route towards the success.
In contrast Visualising is done through the entire process – from working to achieving.

That brings us to the Law of Attraction
The uninitiated talk of "Luck", "Coincidence", "Break" or "Serendipity”.  Actually, Visualization and continuous thinking of the results which mean a lot, activates the Law of Attraction.
According to the Law of Attraction, by thinking and working intensely on their dreams, one attracts people, incidences, information which are helpful in moving their dreams forward.

In future, we will be discussing more on applying KravMaga principles to Life’s other areas.

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